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DHR Proceedings is one of the premier peer-reviewed health sciences journals in general and specialty medicine. It is the first such scientific journal to be published in the Rio Grande Valley. DHR Proceedings is sponsored by DHR Health Institute for Research & Development and invites submission from authors in the region and worldwi
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We invite brief reports submissions to the new section: Trauma Bulletin.  This section will highlight perspectives of clinicians, medical residents, medical students, researchers and other health professionals  working to understand, prevent and treat traumatic injuries.  

Trauma Bulletin will consider for publication unstructured manuscripts, with a maximun of 2000 words, and an abract no longer than 250 words.  A maximum of four authors is suggested for the manuscripts.  The Trauma Bulletin will undergo a speedy peer review process to ensure that the information is disseminated on a timely manner.  

For submissions please follow instructions fro Brief Reports outlined in the  Author Guidelines  


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Current Issue

Vol. 1 No. S-1 (2020): Special Commentary on COVID-19

A commentary on the use of convalescent plasma in patients with COVID-19

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Call for submissions: DHR Proceedings is currently welcoming submissions related to COVID-19 for a projected publication date in the Fall of 2020.